Monday, February 20, 2006

Weather Notes

Last week's snow storm left us under 18 inches of heavy wet snow. It split two branches on an ornamental red maple outside our front door and was generally a nuisance. But it was pretty while it lasted. My town, Columbia Maryland, was the "epicenter" of the storm. We're finally in the middle of something, and it turns out to be a major storm!

My husband and I spent the weekend on Virginia's lovely "Northern Neck." The weather was gloomy and wet, and it snowed a good bit on Saturday. It didn't amount to anything, but the sky was an interesting mix of clouds and clear spaces. We took this photo on the way back to Maryland, outside of Warsaw, Virginia, at about 5:30PM Saturday. I like the shaft of light radiating upward from the setting sun.


Elle said...

It has been crazy weather in this area hasn't it?

Art at Work said...

gorgeous sky Martha.