Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Chasuble

Here is another chasuble that I designed for a priest here in Baltimore.

The fabric is hand-dye European sateen, bought from Heide Stoll-Weber, from Frankfurt. The inserts in the sleeves are heavily stitched silk dupioni. The silk was green to begin with, but I put it in the same dye bath as the sateen, to be sure that it blended.

You can see from the detail that there is stitching in the background, too. This chasuble is lined with rayon, and the stitching holds it all together, similar to quilting, only without a batt. I think priests' clothing is hot enough without adding the batt. The stitching is green pearl rayon, in a grape leaf design. The altar set that this chasuble complements has a grape vine design. I'll post photos of it later.

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