Sunday, October 08, 2006

Where I've Been

I spent a week with my sister in Jonesborough Tennessee, and she helped me (ok,ok, she did most of the work!) do this mosaic. It's called "We See You, Too." I drew the design on plywood, and we used broken stained glass to make the images. The black is grout, not leading. It's not translucent like stained glass because it's on a wooden support.

And I've finally finished and delivered this dresser. I donated the labor to a fund-raising auction, and this is what they wanted. The owner gave me a mug which had belonged to her mother to use for the design, and I'm pleased to say that it matches well. We delivered it this afternoon, and the owners are tickled with it. I always have palpitations before I deliver something, whether the owners have been involved in the design process or not!

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