Monday, December 18, 2006

For some reason (maybe there's a warp in the space time continuum) but things have been jumping out of my hands for the last week. Today, a spool of thread leapt across my sewing table and down the hall way. Friday, a bowl jumped into two mugs and knocked them onto the counter and then to the floor. A million pieces. And the list goes on. I'm glad I'm not carrying a baby around!

It's been a long day. I planned to work all day, but I found out that a big fabric store not too far away is having a liquidation sale. I bought more than 22 yards of fabric (he was very generous with ends of bolts) 10 spools of thread (6 metallic, more about which later) and 6 small rotary cutter blades for less than $100. Including tax. I can't dye fabric any more, and I'm not patient enough to paint it, so I use commercial fabrics a lot. This was a good opportunity for me to get some monochromatic pieces with texture, and the like. I loaded up the cart, and then went back through it to cull the bolts I really didn't need.
So here's what I bought.

That shiny piece on the end is silver tissue lame. I know, it's really hard to work with, but it will make cool purses.

The thread is Coats and Clark, and it works well. A lot better than Sulky metallics.

Then I tried to finish one little piece, just one! But the thread broke, I lost my place in the quilting (black on black, always a bad idea.) I don't know how many time I ripped stuff out, and I'm not that particular! But I persevered, and finally quit to go to yoga. Which I discovered I wasn't signed up for, after I drove through rush hour traffic. But enough people didn't show up so I got in, in the end.

Tomorrow is another day.


Karen said...

What a nice selection of fabrics. Is it the coats and clark threads that keep breaking? I have seen these and been tempted to try them but hold back because my experience with metalics has been so poor. they seem to break very easily even in the bobbin.

Martha said...

Karen, the coats and clark thread worked quite well. Much betther than sulky metallics, in my opinion.