Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Get Over It!

This piece, Get Over It!, just sold. This photo is not very good - it's keystoned, but it's the one which shows the color the best. I'm about as good with PhotoShop as I am with the camera, ie not very.

I'm happy to have her go to a new family who will be glad to have her in their midst, but I'm also sorry to see her go. I have a big blank spot on the wall where she hung. There is another one in the same series hanging there: Living Well Is the Best Revenge. I suppose it's an invitation to do another one.


Lisa Call said...

Congratulations on your sale Martha!!

Deborah said...

Great news. She's charming, of course she sold!

Sande said...

What a fun piece! A delight to look at. I also really like the closeup of the iridescent piece you're working on.