Sunday, March 19, 2006

Unfinished projects

I haven't posted since last week, before I went to New York. We had a great time, visiting galleries and museums. We saw the Munch exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, and clearly we haven't suffered enough! He was really depressed. There is a scathing review of the show in today's Washington Post, saying that Munch wallowed in his mental problems and used trite and bland imagery. Other reviews have been more positive - there's one in a recent New Yorker Magazine, and this month's Smithsonian Magazine has a big article, too.

Anyway, back to the topic. I have had to put off finishing a couple of things (no deadlines!) for working on things that are coming due. This past week I was in Virginia with my sister, putting a stained glass mosaic on a counter top. We got carried away and put one on the back splash, too!
The photo of the counter was taken from the stairs, leaning over the railing; that's why it's so skewed.

We arrived at the house about 2:30 on Monday, and by 3 we were hard at work. We worked steadily until about 11, except for a sojourn to the emergeny room for a tetnus shot for Nancy. She cut herself on a sharp piece of glass and since her last tetnus shot was way more than 10 years ago, I made her get in the car and drove her to the hospital.
But other than that, it went quickly and by Tuesday evening we had both surfaces ready to grout. The grout needs 72 hours to cure before sealing, so next time I'm there, I'll seal the backsplash and pour a two part epoxy resin over the countertop to give it a smooth surface and protect the glass from us and vice-versa.


Diane said...

Wow! These mosaics are SO cool! And you did them yourselves? You should hire yourselves out! Wanna come to my house?!

Elle said...

Those are great!!!

Donna F. said...

I just strted creating Mosaic Art and your work totally thrills me!! You are GREAT!!