Thursday, March 30, 2006

It needs *something!*

It's really too sunshiney to day to take photos, but I did it anyway. You can tell that the lighting isn't right; it's much lighter at the bottom than at the top. Anyway, in person, so to speak, I love this piece. It's 2' x 3', intended to be a processional banner. In the photo, however, it seems to lack something. But what? I've covered this olive green silk with layers and layers of thread, and I think I'll paint on it with gold paint. I love the effect of the paint over the thread.

You can't see it, but the photo is in blogger somewhere! And I've spent enough time messing with it!

I've done another, as well, with a bluer green silk: "irredescent emerald" I think the bolt said. It's intended as a pulpit hanging, and I think it needs rethinking completely. It may end up as a painted banner, too, and I'll do the pulpit hanging again.

Anyway, I'm off this weekend to sew with 6 other art quilters:
  • Cathy,
  • Floris,
  • Mary Beth,
  • Elizabeth,
  • Linda, and Dale. We have done this every spring and fall for TEN! years, and here's a photo of us from last fall, when Mary Beth's sister joined us. That's the West River behind us, and aren't our shirts cool? Elizabeth and I found them at KMart for $1 each last fall, while on an emergency search for a coffee makerand barbie shoes.

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    Diane said...

    I love that you have been getting together for 10 years! Wonderful! How great to have such good quilting friends!