Monday, April 03, 2006

Home Again

We had a great weekend away, sewing. Seven of us met at the Methodist Retreat Center a few miles south of Annapolis Maryland for 3 days of sewing and catching up. The weather was almost perfect - one brief downpour, but the rest was sunny and bright.

I have a million purses, and I hate them all, so I'm constantly on the lookout for a better one. After making a bunch from other people's patterns, I took matters into my own hands and designed my own. It was pretty successful, and I carried it for so long it fell apart. So this weekend I dediced to make another one out of an old pair of jeans. Here's the result. I took this pocket off the rear and sewed it onto the front, but it's not really functional because everytime you open the purse, anything in this pocket will fall out!

This pocket is on the back of the purse, and it too is a rear pocket. Here, though, I just cut the fabric so that the pocket would land there. It might be useful for keys or something like that.

I'm pleased with how these pockets worked out. I can use the little key pocket for my cell phone - it fits perfectly! The bigger pocket will hold my camera. I made pockets for the inside for other things like my iPod and lipstick. The lining fabric is from a dropcloth I used while doing soy resist painting at
  • Cathy's
  • house one day. After I finished the purse, I decided that the drop cloth fabric should have had a higher use than as purse lining, but oh well.


    Sue said...

    Love the purse! I always make my own, too, no store bought purse works for me and the jean bags really hold up. And I need LOTS of pockets!

    Julaine said...

    Love that denim!!!