Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shoe Shopping

I went out today to do some errands before I go to South Dakota tomorrow, for a family wedding. Anyway, my friend Denyse has a saying (I call it Denyse's law) that if you don't buy something in the first 15 minutes of a shopping trip, the trip is doomed. And she's right! This time, my first stop was Lord and Taylor, and I didn't find what I wanted. Next I went to the library, where I was only marginally successful.

Dispairing, I went to the Designer Shoe Warehouse, hoping for some footwear consolation. No luck, but look at what I saw there!

These lovely green shoes are a thick rubber, and while I found them on the sale rack, they started out at $299. And no, there's no decimal point in that price. Now, though, some lucky soul (yuck, yuck) can have them at 40% off. They really aren't so bad, but $299?

But wait! Look at these next ones!

No kidding, these are fish skeletons attractively running down the wearer's insteps, cunningly topped off with rhinestone fish heads. And the price? Another bargain at $299, on sale for 40% off. That makes them $179, on sale.

I resisted.

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