Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Post Thanksgiving update

I had big plans for posting over the Thanksgiving weekend, but alas. We had a great holiday, 14 members of my family! It was really nice to be together. I made 9 pies, including a new recipe for apple pie. My family doesn't cotton to changes in the menu, especially their apple pie, but the new one went faster than the traditional one. I guess it's a keeper.

This is my latest. I've been doing postcards, but this is about 18 x 24. I like the curved piecing, and even though I rarely use browns, I like this a lot. I have several more tops finished, but not quilted. This one needs the edges finished. I'll probably face it.

I'm in a local group, the Fiber Artists of Baltimore, which is having a group show in January. I'll need all new work for it, so I've been busy. I will also have some postcards for sale in the Columbia Art Center's holiday art sale, so I've been cranking those out too. Maybe I'll get some of them photographed today, before I take them over.

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