Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is here already. Our weather has been cold and clear, but today is gloomy. #2 son flies in tonight from Atlanta, and tomorrow we'll be joined by #1 son and my sister and her family. My father and stepmother will come on Thursday, with my stepsister and her husband. My nieces and nephew will join us too.

I love Thanksgiving. It's such a family holiday, without all the tensions and anxiety of Christmas. No decorating to speak of, just food. And I can do food. I'll start the pies in a few minutes. We have to have the pumpkin pies made by Wednesday, because our tradition (for the 4 of us) is to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving. It began when the boys were little, and we would drive to Richmond on Thanksgiving morning. I bribed them to get moving by saying we'd eat pumpkin pie in the car! And we've kept it up ever since, and the boys are 26 & 24. I hope we always do it.

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