Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pissarro Exhibit, Baltimore Museum of Art

I went to the BMA today, with my friend Ruth, to see the Pissarro exhibit. It focused on his landscapes throughout his career. It's an exhibit that's really worth seeing. Impressionism is not my favorite artistic period/style, but the impact these people had on the course of modern art is unarguable.

Ruth had asked me to make a postcard for her to hang near her desk at home. She had specific colors she wanted me to use. They were lime green, dark green, purple and yellow. Not the dark and somber pallette of browns and deep purple that I've used recently. It was fun to use such bright colors again. Maybe it's a mistake to veer away from a pallette that I so obviously enjoy. Anyway, here's what I took for her to choose from:

She bought this one:
and this one
But not this
or this (well, this one doesn't really have the color scheme, so it hardly counts.)

I have to say I agree with her choices. She had a hard time choosing between the first two, so I said "Flip a coin, and see how you feel about the outcome." I do that a lot, and if I'm sad at the result of the coin toss, well, I choose the other one. It's another piece of information to help in decision making. So she did, and was happy at the outcome, but decided to buy both anyway. A good outcome for both of us!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

Very nice! My choice would've been the last one in the line-up.

Joanie San Chirico said...

Great postcards Martha! I would have had a hard time choosing which ones!