Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday doings

I've been painting fabric. Several friends came over a week ago, and we spent the day in the yard being messy. The fabric I painted turned out well, and I'm pleased to report that I've gotten the hang of using a curved-tipped syringe for painting. I was getting blobs of paint, but then I began to put the tip of the syringe directly on the fabric, and use it almost like a pencil. Much better! I took a bunch of photos, but I mislaid my camera so I can't post them. Next time.

Meanwhile, I'm behind on my weekly series, and this is the most recent one:

The blue and green landscape was painted with Setacolor on dry fabric, and the in-between fabric was done with Caran d'Arch (I think that's how it's spelled) water soluble wax pastels, and liquitex gold. I used the syringe for the gold.

Anyway, the idea was to suggest a field of flowers, but I think that I should keep the flowers in the lower part, and weave clouds or something like that in the sky. I also think that the horizon line is too centered. But I'm my own worst critic.

And speaking of which, I saw a play Saturday night, Things of Dry Hours, by Naomi Wallace. The main character said at one point that he worked hard, so that he could silence the voice in his head telling him his work was futile. I could relate: my inner critic is loud and opinionated!

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thanks for the advice about keeping the tip of the syringe in contact with the fabric. I have some of those to try at some point.