Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Weeklies Update

Here is weekly #39.

As you can see, the background is the same woven technique that #38 used. This weaving did not have enough contrast, so I screen printed the trees on it. I wanted to make the tree on the left come forward, and the one on the right recede. More or less successful.

But while I was getting ready to photograph it, I looked up at the rest of them. I have them hanging on the wall of my studio, just below the ceiling, in chronological order. I started this series in July, and the first 8 are relatively bright, not cheerful really, but light and airy I guess. (Except the fish.) September's output was less so, and they get darker and darker until April, when they begin to lighten up again. I've always hated winter, and I dread fall, because I know what's coming. It's interesting to me how this has played out in the choices I made when making these.

Here are photos of them in my studio. The light is bad, but you can see how I have them displayed.

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

It's amazing how obvious something is in retrospect ... especially in a series.