Monday, January 15, 2007

Gallery Reception

The Fiber Artists of Baltimore (FAB) is currently showing work at the Slayton House Gallery in Columbia, Maryland. The Artists' Reception was yesterday, and I have a few photographs of the gallery and the work.

From left to right, the pieces this photo are by Cathy Kleeman, moi, Cathy Kleeman and Linda Strowbrige. Sorry about the tote bag in dead center.

This is one wall of another room. From left to right, the artists are Gail Gutierrez, Jeannie Marsh, Jeannie Marsh, Linda Taft Walburn and Adrien Dawson.

These two are by Linda Taft Walburn (l) and Linda Strowbridge (r).

Another fiew of the main gallery, with a piece by Cathy Kleeman in the background.

Finally, another wall in the smaller room, with work by (left to right) Rosemary Epperson, Adrien Dawson and Lynn Tarakan.

The reception was well attended, and the staff at the gallery did all they could to make things easy for us. Many thanks to all of them, especially Bernice, the director, Carol, who did all the organizing, and Cathy, who held down the reception desk during the reception.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

Oh, I would really like to see this show. Such interesting pieces, Also, it looks like a well-hung show ... each piece having "space" to be apprecieated by the viewer. Thank you for posting about it.

Diana said...

I think these pieces look so interesting and I'd love to see them in person if only I could. Glad you put your pictures up for us to see.