Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Weeklies

Another of my 2007 goals is to learn to take better photographs of my work. The weekly exercises (each is 8 x 10) are a good subject since (ideally) there's a new one each week, and they aren't meant to be sold so the photography is less crucial. Here are two consecutive ones that I photographed this week.

This is number 17. I don't date them other than the year, so I can only estimate that they were done in December when I was working on the larger pieces in this color scheme, which are on display at the Slayton House Gallery.

Naturally, this is number 18. I am pleased with both of them, although I like the richer tones of #17. I like working large and small at the same time. Some of the challenges are similar, but there are significant differences in making something work in a piece that's 26 x 40 and in a piece that's 8 x 10.

I'm a couple of weeks behind, as usual, and this week I've moved into a different direction on the weeklies. But I like these enough to go back to this style. I guess I'm still interested in trees, and these alternately look to me like trees in a forest and bark.

It's getting late in the morning, so I need to get to the studio. I have another show looming, and I want new pieces for it.

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