Friday, January 19, 2007

Jumping on the Goals Bandwagon

My goals for 2007 are modest, I suppose, partly because I get overwhelmed by excessive detail - all the lists and dates and deadlines make me want to take a nap! So here goes: I want to keep up with the weekly series of 8 x 10 pieces that I've been making since the first of July and contact at least 2 galleries about a solo show (gulp!) I'd like to make production goals, but I really don't know what's reasonable and attainable. Maybe goals should be beyond attainable, so that I have to stretch to reach them, so I have to think about that. But what's reasonable for me? One a week? What size counts?

Then there are the artistic goals, those that make me explore different ideas or push me in different directions. For 2006, I wanted to explore perspective, which I did in a couple of ways. I took a drawing class, which really showed me how much I don't know, and I've had as a "rule" for the weekly pieces that they should use perspective in some way.

This is one of the latest weeklies. I used foiling and a thermofax screen to create the trees, and black netting for the shadows to anchor them to the ground. I wasn't all that happy with it, so I used the netting on another one, which still needs work. After I get the shadows fixed on that one, I'll post it too.

As I think about it, perhaps I should make a distinction between long and short term goals. Production levels could be a short or medium term goal, which might contribute to a lower anxiety level on my part. More musings on that later.

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

These trees look very good to me ... can't wait to see the ones you think are better. The shadows on the ground work well. Is it that you need highlights and shadows on the trees?