Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day again. Since this is an art blog, I'll stay away from the current war, and instead here are photos of the American Cemetary in Normandy, where 10,000 American service men are buried. They died in the Normandy campaign, not just on D-Day. It's a very sobering place.

I took these pictures in the spring of 2005, on a trip to France with other artists.


Debra said...

what is PDF FABRIC?

Martha said...

Debra, PFD stands for 'prepared for dying' which means that you can just dump it in the dye bath without any pre treating. No scouring or anything like that. Very convenient. It's also bright white, so the dye is true.


dale said...

Good Morning,
I live in the Owings Mills area and would like to take mixed media collage classes. Are you offering any or do you know of a great instuctor?

Thank you,

Dale 410-608-7009