Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Painting Fabric

This is a piece of fabric I painted over the weekend. It's about 18" square. I used black and burnt sienna Setacolor transparent paints, and scrunched it up to dry.

I've been having such a good time painting fabric that I called Testfabrics to order pfd. In the fall, I toured their facility with Cathy Kleeman. It is very interesting. At one point, there was a big pile of narrow bolds heaped in a corner. Seems taht they have a client who wants narrower bolts than Testfabrics usually carries, so they cut the ends off. Those cut ends are great for painting, so I ordered one. It's 18" by 135 meters. I won't need to buy any pfd for a while! But I'd better invest in more paint.

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